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In my paintings I want to show the intimacy of the meeting between two people. In some of my works, as you can see in my portfolio, I try to represent this topic more in a figurative way, while in others, especially in my last ones I am trying to move more in the abstractions.

I see this contact as the unpredictable convergence of the glances and bodies, the meeting is fruitful, generative, founding; produces social interaction, conviviality, similarities between different elements. This combining, or meeting, is not trying to erase the individuality, not a constraint, not a prison but a merger that creates freedom and this freedom can be found in the spirit, in the soul and creates love.
In my paintings the bodies play are based on a timeless passion without the perception of space and without guilt, were in the everything you find the other, and in the other you can find yourself.

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